August: Before You Jump!! Last Minute Dive Checklist

What are the most important things you should be doing in the last minutes before jumping off a dive boat into the water?  Let’s call this list our last minute checklist.  These points are key, but you may wish to add some for your circumstances.

  • Have you had the appropriate conversations with your dive buddy and with the boat captain?

  • Are you wearing the correct dive weights?

  • Is your buoyancy inflation/deflation equipment working?

  • Are you wearing your mask and fins?

  • Have you taken one or 2 quick breaths from your mouthpiece while watching your pressure gage?

  • Is your octopus or secondary mouthpiece working?

  • Is your air cylinder full of known breathing mix?

  • Is your buoyancy adjusted for your desired descent (rapid descent vs floating on the surface)?

  • Are you stressed out, or are you wearing a smile because you’re doing what you love to do?

  • Is your dive buddy stressed out, or is he/she smiling back at you?

Be Safe & Dive with a Smile!

Dave Wills