July: Fine Tune Your Dive Weights

What type of dive weight system do you dive with?

  • How quickly can you remove and discard your weights?

  • Do you have integrated weight pockets?

  • Does your BC have fixed weight pockets?

  • Do you use a combination of captive and discardable weights?

  • Are all of your weights on a single belt?

  • Are your weights comfortable?

  • Do they allow you to float horizontally at neutral buoyancy?

  • Have you ever tried tank weights?

  • Have you ever tried ankle weights?

  • Do you adjust your weight for a wet suite change?

  • Do you notice when dive buddies have weight issues?

  • Do you carry a portable weight that you could pass to a dive buddy?

You and your dive buddy might benefit from a buoyancy tune up!

Let’s talk!

Be Safe, Dive Safe

Dave Wills