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We have diving and social events nearly every week. More diving occurs in the warmer months, but we have local dives every month of the year. Catching lobsters is a popular past time with many of the members. 

Membership Application

Membership in South Florida Divers is $70 for single membership and $100 for a family membership.

To apply for membership:

  • Print and fill out the Membership Application Form.

  • Make a copy of your SCUBA certification card.

  • Make a copy of your DAN Divers Alert Network card, or some proof of your diving insurance.

  • Enclose a check for $70.00 made out to South Florida Divers Inc. for a single membership or $100.00 made out to South Florida Divers Inc. for a family membership.

  • You may also pay with PayPal, with these 2 important caveats:

    • When using PayPal you must specify MEMBERSHIP for the event. Failure to identify membership will delay processing your membership.

    • When using PayPal you must specify SENDING MONEY TO FRIENDS OR FAMILY. The default is FOR GOOD OR SERVICES and this case PayPal charges a service fee of $1.90.

  • Bring these four items to the monthly meeting (preferred) or mail to the following address:

SFDI Membership
Post Office Box 970082
Boca Raton, FL 33497-0082


If you are an existing member, and you renew your application late - after the February meeting -please add $5 to the check amount. $75 for single and $105 for family.