Above photo provided by John Edmonds, Dania Beach Cleanup, July 2019
All shark photos by Darrell Hejde, diving Jupiter FL in July

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Our activities include local leisure dives, social events and diving trips throughout the world.

2019 Community ACTION

Dania Beach Cleanup

Guinness Book of World Records

South Florida Reef Research Team

Shark Tagging

Founded in 1974, South Florida Divers, Inc. has a long legacy of diving Florida’s reefs and wrecks. Learn by diving with a skilled group of divers who know the dive boats and have worked with dive operators on the east and west coast of Florida. We participate in local reef clean-ups, reef and fish surveys, wreck sinking, and turtle-nest monitoring. We aim to protect the reefs, please join us.


Typically on the website we show member’s photos of fish, coral, nudibranchs and other gorgeous critters we’d take home to mother. Darrell Hejde’s photography from his July shark dive is stunning and is being showcased this month - even though mom might not appreciate these shark grins.


Next Meeting

The next meeting is September 4, Wednesday at 7:30pm

VFW 1966 Post 350 SW 25th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315


September Newsletter

President’s Message: Sea Food Fest Sept 7, Warm Dives Ahead

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September Speaker

Lana Sorrell - DAN Medical Specialist



September SAFETY MInute

Hurricane Dorian