February: Watch that Line!

SCUBA divers and free divers use lines and strings to stay attached to all sorts of things.

Lanyards attach our dive lights, our cameras and other gear to our bodies.

Retractable lanyards are sometimes attached to lobster bags, lights and other fishing or diving gear.

Spear guns typically have lengthy pieces of heavy line between the gunstock and the spear.

Drift divers have float lines that keep them attached to the diver down flag. Some drift lines float while some sink.

Normally all these lines are very beneficial to the user, but things can go wrong in a hurry. Divers can become entangled in these lines in all sorts of ways that can be baffling to the diver, who is usually wearing gloves and has tunnel vision. The tangle can even be baffling to a dive buddy who doesn’t always know the intended function of the line.

Fortunately, there’s a easy solution. Always carry a knife or scissor! I prefer a scissor. Make sure it’s readily available to your dominant hand. And, don’t hesitate to cut that string if you get into a tangle!

Be Safe! Dive Safe!

Dave Wills