January: Tell Me About Your Most Significant Diving Safety Incident

Hi everybody, Dave Wills here.
I hope you all had a wonderful year 2018, including a lot of world-class SCUBA diving!!

I will be writing/presenting the safety minute for calendar year 2019. And, I’d like your assistance. Could I ask each and every one of you to consider sharing with me your most significant diving safety issue? I’d like to hear your story and possibly turn it into a safety minute that would be meaningful to our membership during 2019.

It may be the way some of us dive here in South Florida presents unique risks that are somewhat different than for other divers or for other dive locations. Let’s learn from our members experiences.

By the way, I can keep a secret. If you’d like to remain anonymous, simply let me know. I’ll tell your story without divulging your name.

Dive Safe!