October: Lisa Morse, International Game Fish Association, Educator and Fish Geek


Grunt? Jack? Snapper? Tang? Hog? Parrot? File? …. or shark, perchance??? Please join SFDI on Wednesday, October 2th, as we learn how to tell one fish from another! Fish enthusiast (aka fish geek) Lisa Morse will swim on over from the International Game Fish Association, and tell us about the common tropical reef fish of Florida and how to identify them. As fish ID can be overwhelming, we will start small and then build our skills. Lisa will share tips and tricks, and will also let us know how we can become fish surveyors and citizen scientists.


Lisa Morse 2.jpg

IGFA Youth Education Manager Lisa Morse grew up farming and fishing in Freedom, New York. This is where her love of nature and the outdoors grew, but she always had a fascination with the ocean. She earned her B.S. degree in Biology at Saint Francis University in Loretto, Pennsylvania and then moved to Florida to pursue her M.S. degree in Marine Biology from Nova Southeastern University.

She both worked with the Broward County Sea Turtle Conservation program and volunteered with the IGFA for ten years. Now she is the Youth Education Manager, and works to build the next generation of ethical and conservation-minded anglers around the world.

Lisa enjoys whittling and woodworking, kayaking, camping, fly fishing, and scuba diving. She has been diving since 2004 and recently became a Level 3 surveyor with the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF). In the water, she loves looking for and identifying different fish. Out of the water, she spends her time combing the shore for marine debris and creating plastic portraits of game fish.

It is safe to say that fish have been a major part of Lisa’s life ever since she was a little girl watching her first fish tank filled with guppies.