September: Lana Sorrell, DAN Instructor, Topic: Sex in Diving


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No, not that kind of sex – we are a PG rated club! To explain, while men and women can develop different health issues based on their sex, do physiological differences matter in the diving environment? On Wednesday, September 4th, Lana Sorrell, Medical Specialist from DAN, will speak to us via webinar about how sex differences may or may not affect diving risk and address how diving may be affected by conditions prevalent in female divers. Topics will include decompression, thermal stress, pregnancy, breast cancer, menopause, to name a few. Perspective will be gained by critical review of the available research findings.


Lana Sorrell, DAN Medical Specialist

Lana Sorrell, DAN Medical Specialist

A PADI Rescue Diver, CPR Instructor, DAN instructor, Level I EMS Instructor, Diver Medical Technician and Certified Phlebotomy Technician. Lana has over 35 years’ experience in pre-hospital EMS. Lana has been scuba diving since 1994 and has over 600 lifetime dives. Lana has been a member of DAN’s medical team since 2012. She has a BS in International Business from Meredith College, and an MBA from East Carolina University. Lana met her husband through a fellow dive club member and they have been diving together since 1999. Her favorite dive destinations include Bonaire, the Cayman Islands and Australia.