August: Divers Alert Network (DAN) Specialist on Hyperbaric Treatment


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Join SFDI this Wednesday, August 7, as we learn about hyperbaric treatment from DAN Medical Information Specialist Marty McCafferty. Marty will address us in a webinar, originating from the DAN office in Durham, North Carolina. Although decompression injuries requiring hyperbaric treatment are rare, divers need to be aware of the treatment process and which facilities can provide hyperbaric treatment.

This presentation addresses misconceptions regarding hyperbaric treatments and the facilities that are capable of administering treatment by providing information about the evolution of treatment protocols, the clinical rationale for treatment and the means of delivering appropriate care. The presentation will also provide current recommendations regarding treatment.

Check out Marty’s Youtube Videos:

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DAN Medical Information Specialist Marty McCafferty, Emergency Care Paramedic and Diver Medical Technician, has been both a dive instructor and a paramedic since 1995. He has worked as a paramedic in the field, in an ER and as an EMS supervisor at an Ohio theme park. He also has experience training students with disabilities to dive. Additionally he was certified as an American Heart Association Basic Life Support and First Aid instructor as well as an EMT instructor. He has been with DAN since 2004.