May Speaker: Darrell Hejde on Closed-Circuit Rebreathers


Nancy Hejde and Darrell Hejde

Nancy Hejde and Darrell Hejde

What the heck is a closed-circuit re-breather? What’s a semi-closed-circuit re-breather? What does a re-rebreather do differently for a diver? If you’ve ever wondered what those funny looking devices on some dive trips are, then join SFDI on Wednesday, May 1, when our own Darrell Hejde will address these questions. The topics will include: how a re-breather works; how you get re-breather certified; the biggest differences between closed- and open-circuit diving; the reason for extra tanks, and more. There will be a hands-on unit to check out as well.


Darrell Hejde has been diving since 1995 starting with a "Discover Scuba" dive on the Great Barrier Reef. Since then, he's fallen in love with all aspects of the sport…recreational and technical. He’s originally from Oklahoma but, as a military brat and military pilot himself has lived in many, many places and traveled the world extensively. He is currently an international airline pilot but teaches scuba on his “off” time. In 2010, he was trained as an Open Water Instructor and since then has expanded his horizons. He's certified several SFDI members as Dive Masters and other specialties.

As well as being a PADI IDC Staff Instructor (teaches instructors), Darrell teaches PADI Tec Diving. Additionally. as a certified Cave Diver, he also offers the PADI Cavern Diver specialty. Not yet a re-breather instructor, Darrell has a lot of experience diving re-breathers and can answer questions for those interested. Underwater photography is his true passion and his favorite specialty, but he teaches over 21 other PADI specialties. Recently he added SDI and TDI Instructor ratings to his resume if you prefer a non-PADI organization. If you have questions about any aspect of diving…Darrell will try to answer them for you.