March President's Message

Happy March Birthday to Hannah Tuckwell
Steve Litton
David Mafdali
Ginny DeMattei
David Pressler
Eric Bronson
Joseph Giandinoto

Well, here it is March already. As most of you know this is the last month of lobster season. We have a few dives on the calendar so that we will have the opportunity to stock our freezers to hold us to the end of July. The good fortune for the lobsters during the off season will be bad news for the Lion Fish. I personally plan to spear as many as I can in order to help keep their numbers down.

We also have a number of non- diving activities on the calendar. Be sure to check out the calendar below and sign up for some fun. We have a bike ride, kayaking and the usual dinners at large. We have the annual Pig Roast on April 6. Some non- club events coming up are the Dania Beach Nautical Flea Market (March 1 through March 4 ) and the Pompano Beach Sea Food Festival (April 26 through April 28).

Thanks to Donna Eades, we had a great time on the annual Tri-Rail Pub Crawl. I clearly remember the train ride to West Palm Beach but seem to have lost the ride back. I’m told I had a good time.

As you know, Barry Kulick did not do his usual presentation in February but he will entertain us in March. It’s always fun with Barry and it will be extra good this year because he had an extra month to prepare. I'm looking forward to it.

I would like to take this time to thank Ray Schreiber for his many years of hard work as the webmaster. He did a great job. We now have a new webmaster, Bonnie, and she has been working like a fiend setting up our new, modernized website. If you see either Ray or Bonnie, please let them know you appreciate their hard work. The new site is a work in progress but it already looks fantastic!

I hope to see you all at the March club meeting.


Live long and lobster.

Jeff Raffa,

February President's Message

Happy February Birthday to

lisa Kelly, Steve Hamburg, Evelyn Roisman, Melissa Ames, Marc Cohen, Jim Trombley, Matthew McAloon

We are delighted to welcome new members

Lisa Kelly, Dave KellY

Just as promised, the Wacky Gift Exchange was a hoot! If you missed it be sure to mark your calendar for next January’s meeting. It is always a fun evening, the junk level was way down and many people went home with nice gifts, including me for the first time. It’s good to see that people are learning, NO JUNK! Thanks to John Kansman and Donna Eades for officiating.

Be sure to check out the calendar in this newsletter for the many upcoming events. Even though the water has chilled down a bit there is still some great diving available to us and the lobsters are still plentiful. .

If it’s February it must be Barry Kulick. Wrong! Barry had another commitment in February this year so he will break with tradition and be back to entertain us with his terrific photography and witty commentary at the March meeting. If you are new to the club this is another must do meeting. Barry is always very entertaining.

Our speaker for the February meeting will be James Blackman. James is the owner of Miami Technical Diving and he will be giving us an introduction to technical diving. If you were ever curious about getting into tech diving this should answer your questions. I think it will be an interesting talk.

As we are well into 2019 please be sure to renew your membership if you haven’t already done so. Those of you not paid by the February meeting will be delinquent and you will be assessed a late fee. Remember, your membership must be current in order for you to participate in club activities. I am also reminding everyone that if you are a diver you must furnish us with proof of dive insurance every year when you renew your membership. Our by laws state that every one must have current dive insurance coverage.

I am going to remind all of you once again, that if you sign up for an event, you must pay for that event or you will not be considered to be on that event. We have been somewhat lax about this rule in the past but if you have not paid, you will not be on the roster. Lets be a little more considerate to the event coordinators. If you are a last minute sign up, you must talk with the event coordinator and make arrangements to pay.

As always, feel free to make any suggestions regarding the operation of the club or activities you would like to see on the calendar. We are always open to new ideas. Recently, one of our members suggested that we hold the e board meeting prior to the membership meeting. We talked about it at the last e board meeting and decided to give it a try. The next e board meeting will be January 31. Everyone is invited.

Live long and lobster

Jeff Raffa

January President's Message




Happy New Year to everyone! I would like to thank everyone who came to the Holiday Party. The party was outstanding and special thanks to those of you who worked to make it the success that it was. We had a crowd of over one hundred which is more people than I have ever seen at a Holiday Party. Way to go SFDI!

This year’s designated charity was the South Florida Wildlife Center. Thanks to the generosity of many of you we raised over $800 for this worthy cause. Hats off to those of you who donated.

I was away for most of the month but I hear we had a very successful lights cruise. We usually get less than thirty people on that event but this year we had over forty. Well done! As I always say, the more the merrier. I’m really sorry I missed it.

We had our e board elections at the December meeting and I am happy to report that we have some new faces on the e board. Its good to see members willing to step forward and lend a hand in running the club and some new ideas will be welcome.

I am looking forward to the January meeting and our annual wacky gift exchange. Please bring a wrapped gift ( it should be funny or nice and not be junk ) and be prepared to have a lot of laughs.

We have a lot of fun activities on the calendar including a trip to Club Med San Sal ( Columbus Isle ) so check them out and consider joining us. We always seem to have a lot of fun together. Keep in mind that you must be a member to take part in these activities so if you haven’t already paid your dues please do so.

Once again I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2019.

Live long and lobster

Jeff Raffa