October President's Message - Hurricane Relief, Holiday Party December 7, Christmas Tree Dive

Our annual Keys Weekend was a blast. The weather was very cooperative except for a couple of scattered showers that really didn’t effect us very much. Our numbers were a little weird this year. We had a record number of non-divers in attendance but some of them came out on the boat and watched our bubbles.

Once again, our seafood fest was a lot of fun. It wasn’t as well attended as previous years parties but it was still very nice. As usual, Joe and Ray and Gerry did a great job preparing all of the seafood. The sides, appetizers and desserts were excellent.

Welcome New Members

Karen Hofstein
Cindi Foreman
Chip Bunnell
Thelma Caballen-Powell

October Birthdays

James Ekholm
Nathan Wills
Cary Solomon
Jeanne Kossey
Don Powell
Gregg Cook
Elton Cerda
Cindy Wills-Wyatt
Joel Maney
Gary Cuccia
John Edmonds

At our September meeting the 50/50 raffle proceeds were earmarked for hurricane relief for our neighbors in the Bahamas. We did quite well selling tickets so there was a tidy sum collected. To make it even better, our winner, Matt McAloon donated his winnings to the cause. Thank you very much for your generosity Matt. Not to be outdone, our 50/50 raffle at the seafood fest was won by Marcey Carabelli and Tommy Vagasy and they donated their winnings to the club. Once again, very generous! Thank you so much.

We have lots of things on the calendar coming up. As usual there are many dives

Including the Christmas Tree dive. That’s when we take the Christmas tree from the holiday party and sink it on one of the wrecks. Once it’s on the deck of the wreck we “decorate “ it with items that fish like to eat and then watch the feeding frenzy begin. It a great opportunity to get terrific photos and lots of fun.

Speaking of the Holiday party, it will be held this year on December 7. Please mark your calendar. It’s our biggest party of the year and always a lot of fun.

Our guest speaker at the October meeting will be Lisa Morse. She will be speaking to us about Fish Identification. That something I could use some improvement in. I’m looking forward to her presentation.

I’m hoping to see all of you at the next meeting or on a dive boat or at one of our many other activities.

Live long and lobster
Jeff Raffa
President SFDI