August President's Message - Warm Water, Beach Party, Spread the Word

Well, can you believe that we are halfway through summer already? It goes by so fast. The good news is that the water is warm and should remain so for quite a while. It’s good to give the heavier wet suits a rest. We have several dives scheduled for August and beyond. Be sure to sign up and take advantage of our bathtub water temperatures and come out and have fun with you dive buddies.

Our annual beach party was terrific as usual. We had a good showing despite the threat of rain looming over us in the early evening. It turned out to be a beautiful evening. Thanks again to Steve Oller for organizing and doing all of the prep and grilling Big thanks also to Gerry and Joe for their help in grilling. Great job guys!

WELCOME New Members

Carl Johnson
Michael Tavel
Julio Gaviria
Elizabeth Cardino
Emilio de la Cruz

August Birthdays

Eddie Lim
Tara Sands
John Perry
Scott Prinos
Marta Marin

Patricia O'Connor
Patricia Smith
Jeff Raffa
Dave Wills
Gerry Cowen
Jeff Guzowski
Pat Kahl
Manuel Campano
Kath Lawrence
Rich Holmstrom

You won’t want to miss the August meeting. We will be having another webinar from The Divers Alert Network ( DAN ). In the past, these webinars have been very interesting and informative. I’m really looking forward to this one.

I am asking all of you to help our club stay as terrific as it is. Whenever you are on a dive boat or attending a dive related event, please try to mingle a bit with the other people and tell them about our club. Give them one of our brochures and urge them to visit our website. On a dive boat especially, you have a captive audience and you know they are divers. Spread the word! We are a great group of people! If you need some brochures to put in your dry bag, please let me know.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Live long and lobster!

Jeff Raffa

President SFDI