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Sea Hunt and Diving History
South Florida Divers, Inc.
I grew up in Southern California, in the late fifties and early sixties.  Weekly, my dad and I tuned in to Sea Hunt for the latest black-and-white hose-cutting, adventure-packed episode.  Lloyd Bridges as Mike Nelson was my hero, and I knew by the time I was five years old that I would be a SCUBA diver "when I grew up." 

My dad couldn't wait, though!  He and his buddies made their own gear . . . tanks from old fire extinguishers, and dive suits made by tracing their bodies on sheets of rubber.  They wore heavy rubber fins and masks with little screws on top.  They traveled to Catalina Island, returning with Abalone shells and tall tales. I could only snorkel in our little above-ground pool with my dad's enormous Voit mask and fins, oblivious to their size and weight, fantasizing that I was Zale Parry, Mike Nelson's female sidekick. 

Here are a few links about the old Sea Hunt show, with some diving history links thrown in.  I hope you enjoy exploring them as much as I did finding them.

~ Debby Auchter 
1963 Vintage Scuba Catalogs  Great old catalog covers from Vintage Scuba Supply (see their link below).  Surf around for vintage ads, magazines, gear and more!
A Brief History of Diving, From Antiquity to the Present  From Scuba Diving Explained by diving physician Lawrence Martin, M.D.
U.S. Coast Guard Historian's Office  Protecting our coasts since August 4, 1790!
Diver Dan Links to pages about this 1960's TV Show.  Click on Diver Dan's picture to hear his theme song!
  * PlanetX Magazine
  * Roger's Basement
  * TV Party
Diverlink's Sea Hunt Page  History, list of episodes, monologues, B&W photos, and Lloyd Bridges bio.
Diving Heritage  Virtual diving museum
Historical Diving Society UK  International organisation, online journal Historical Diving Times
Historical Diving Society USA  Historical diving facts, Historical Diver magazine, and online store
Lloyd Bridges in his own words  From Skin Diver magazine
Naval Historical Center  Diving in the U.S. Navy: A Brief History
Scuba Diving History  Links to other sites from About.com
Scuba History Timeline  From Scuba America Historical Center
Sea Hunt Adventures  Official site of the Argonaut, the famous 33-ft TROJAN Express Cabin Cruiser used in "Sea Hunt."  Restoration photos and lots of great history!
Sea Hunt Sparked Interest in Diving Several Sea Hunt pages by Texas SCUBA Instructor Bill Jones, including a Sea Hunt Travel Guide!
TV Party  Sea Hunt page, brief history and fan memories
TV Tome  Sea Hunt Episode List, Episode Guide, and Cast and Crew Guides
University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Underwater Exploration Timeline
Unofficial Sea Hunt Site  by Brian Jackson.  History, monologues, Sea Hunt comic book gallery, and lots of great photos. 
Vintage SCUBA Supply  Dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of antique and vintage scuba gear for collectors and users alike.
Women Divers Hall of Fame
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