Ocean Art and Photography
South Florida Divers, Inc.
Golden Dolphin Video CD Magazine  2001 - 2005  Each bimonthly issue is packed with incredible photography and DVD-quality videos. 
Guy Harvey Artist, scientist, explorer, conservationist, photographer, angler, diver.  Click here for Jeff Guzowski's story about Harvey's artificial reef.
Barry Kulick Marine Life Photography  Barry Kulik is one of our favorite speakers, visiting us each year to share his latest travels.  Visit his new website for a real visual treat!
Sandra Camper Gallery Marine Encounters and Underwater Scenes. Sandra's new website displays her art and photography.

Bill Wieger Commercial Sculpting & Design, Illustration & Design. Bill's website shows some of his art and sculpter. Bill's works have been in movies as well at various zoos around the country. 
Magic Sea  Fine Art photography by Golden Dolphin shooter Carlos Villoch.
Mike Johnson Marine Natural History Photography. Incredible underwater and topside nature photography from Southern California.
New World Publications Marine Life Photo Gallery   By Paul Humann and Ned DeLoach of the Reef Identification Series.
NOAA Photo Library  Incredible photography including the Coral Kingdom collection, ships, coastlines, and more!
Don Rogers Click on "Portfolio" then on "Underwater."
Ramblin' Cameras  Underwater photo gallery.
Seapix  Images from below and photography how-tos.
SFDI Photo Album  Enjoy the underwater and topside photography of our talented members!
South Florida Underwater Photography Society
Tropical Nights Island Inspired Web Graphics TANKS A LOT to Debbi Rapp for our club's website graphics!
Underwater Photography   Free bi-monthly web based magazine in .pdf format.  It takes a long time to download, but it's worth it!