South Florida Divers, Inc.

Founded in 1974 South Florida Divers, Inc. is one of the oldest SCUBA diving clubs in Florida.  Club activities include local dives, social events and diving trips throughout the world.

The membership meets the first Wednesday of every month (except for holidays) at Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1966.  Driving directions appear below.  [ Click here for a map. ]  Meetings start at 7:30 PM and visitors are welcome!   The evening programs often include experts discussing topics of interest to divers or an occasional social night. 

TWet Zone logohe Wet Zone, a monthly newsletter is published to keep the members informed.  Issues from the past two years are on this website.   Click on the Wet Zone logo for  monthly index to current and past issues.  

Of course our primary activity is diving! But we have many other interests as you will see by looking through our newsletter archives: bicycling, fishing, social nights, parties, beer brewing, camping and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  What kind of club is South Florida Divers? We are a dive and  social club. We have diving and social events nearly every week. More diving occurs in the warmer months, but we have local dives every month of the year.  Catching lobsters is a popular past time with many of the members.

  What about social events? We enjoy getting together for beach picnics, dinner on the town, bike rides, camping trips, holiday boat cruises, or just comparing dive stories and photos. Three of our most popular events are our pig roast in the spring, a seafood fest in September and a holiday party in early December. Typically 80-100 people choose not to miss these fun events.

  Where do you dive? Most of our diving is in the Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach area and Jupiter area, where we do boat and shore diving. We get down to the Keys several times each year and we schedule three or more trips out of country per year. See our newsletter for scheduled trips.

  What about club meetings? We have a monthly meeting, the first Wednesday of the month, at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1966, 350 SW 25th Street, Ft. Lauderdale.  The meeting starts with a 30 minute social from 7:00-7:30 then the business section from 7:30-8:00, a short break, then the program or speaker. We have some very interesting speakers, covering topics such as wrecks, dive equipment, updates on important ocean or fresh water environment issues or archeological studies involving diving.  

How does the club organize all these events? South Florida Divers is a volunteer organization, so club members schedule each event. Each event, social or diving, has a trip leader and a sign-up sheet. We go over the calendar at each club meeting,  it too is included in the newsletters on this website. We have a table set up with the sign-up sheets and a table for the treasurer if funds are required.  The sign-up sheet has the details about the trip, location, time, cost (if any), and the trip leader. Don't miss the photos from previous events, they too are on display and within this web site. 

What about membership? Membership dues cover each calendar year and are $70 for individual and $100 for family. There is a one time set-up fee of $5. We ask that you be a member before participating in club events [other than the club meetings and dinner on the town].

  What do I need to do to join? We have three requirements: 

1. You must be a certified diver.

2. You must  maintain diver insurance.

3.  You must pay your dues annually.

You can join at any club meeting, the membership table is just inside the door.   

  What’s the best way to get involved in the club? Become a member and join in the fun and events. Members are always welcome to help with club work, lead a trip, organize a beach picnic, or participate on the board.

Executive Board 

Position Elected for 2018
President Jeff Raffa
VP of Membership Laila Hadad
Membership Assistant Mellisa Ames
VP of Calendar John Edmonds
Calendar Assistant Pat Kahl
VP of Programs Adelle Nicholson
Secretary Donna Eades
Treasurer Ginny DeMattei
Treasurer Assistant Andy Dion
Editor Joe Giandinoto
Web Master Ray Schreiber
Web Master Assistant Bonnie Lee
Greeter Joe Smariga
Sargeant-At-Arms Darrell Hejde
Member-At-Large Eric Rohde
Member-At-Large Randy Holmes
Member-At-Large Ray Papa
Member-At-Large Bruce Wills
Past President Bruce Wills 
Past President Peter Stephinson
Past President Cheryl Bartek
Past President Jeff Guzowski
Past President John Kansman
Past President Leslie Stout
Past President Bill Gardner
Past President Dave Wills

2017 SFDI Board Member Pictures

Driving Directions to the
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1966


1. Take I 95 to Mariner Mile Exit 25. Head East.

2. Turn Right After SW 4th Ave between 

    the Walgreen Drug Store and Anthon's Runway 84.

3. Follow to the end of the Road.

4. Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1966 is Right In Front of You.

Click here for an interactive map for custom driving directions

~ "Thanks a lot" to Joe Smariga