Join SFDI on Wednesday, November 1st, when we will get an overview of the formative years of the Miami Dade County Artificial Reef Program.  Former Program Coordinator Ben Mostkoff will regale us with tales of the Program's many accomplishments and provide us with information on his prefabricated artificial reef designs.
An almost-native of Miami Beach, (missed it by 3 years), Ben grew up fishing and diving Miami's coastal waters and, by serendipitous intervention, served to initiate and coordinate the Miami Dade County Artificial Reef Program from 1981 to 1996 for the Department of Environmental Resources Management. Married to his Boston College sweetheart, Debbie, for 37 years, Ben is the proud father of three, all graduates of the University of Florida.  Still a resident of Miami Beach, at 63 Ben continues to enjoy Miami's coastal waters on their 1973, 22' 2" Aquasport, named Calypso.