Wacky Gift Exchange

Our January meeting is so close to the holidays that we traditionally have a social night to do something silly instead of trying to get someone for a program. This will be a fun night to relax and catch up with friends.

Regardless of what December holiday you celebrated, admit it, you likely received a gift that made you say "oh, youshouldn't have"...and you really MEANT that they SHOULDN'T-HAVE! But as we all know, one person's trash is another person's treasure.

Bring along something you got and don't want. A belt, a sweater, a fruitcake, cologne, a Billy Bass, just one too many candlesor Mikasa bowls...anything goes except live pets (or dead ones).

Please wrap it to add to the "suspense."

Everyone who brings a gift gets a raffle ticket. We will draw the tickets in "Chinese Auction" style. 

The first person whose ticket is pulled gets the pick of the unopened gifts, and must open it in front of everyone.

The second person whose ticket is pulled can take the first person's gift, or choose another unopened gift. If they take the gift from the first person, the first person gets to go back and pick and open another gift.

The third person whose ticket is pulled can pick a third unopened gift, or take the gift away from the first or second person.

Yes, it takes awhile to go through all the gifts and you will not want to miss the fun.

Surprisingly, at the end of the evening, nearly every unwanted gift went home with someone who actually wanted it.

Hope you dispose of that "objet d'art" that you donít want.