. At $70, membership of South Florida Divers is a helluva deal. If you need reminding of the benefits of membership, click here. Application forms should be completed when renewing. An additional $5 is charged for renewals after the February General Meeting.


To renew your membership please do the following:

1) Print and fill out the Member Application Form  (Verify your address etc.)

2) Make a copy of your c-card

3) Please enclose a check for $70.00 made out to South Florida Divers Inc. for a single membership or

$100.00 made out to South Florida Divers Inc. for a family membership.  If the application is made after the February  meeting,  add $5 to the check amount.  $75 for single and $105 for family.

4) Bring along all four items to the monthly meeting (preferred) or mail it the following address:

Post Office Box 970082
Boca Raton, FL 33497-0082