Happy New Year to everyone! I would like to thank everyone who came to the Holiday Party. The party was outstanding and special thanks to those of you who worked to make it the success that it was. We had a crowd of over one hundred which is more people than I have ever seen at a Holiday Party. Way to go SFDI!

This year’s designated charity was the South Florida Wildlife Center. Thanks to the generosity of many of you we raised over $800 for this worthy cause. Hats off to those of you who donated.

I was away for most of the month but I hear we had a very successful lights cruise. We usually get less than thirty people on that event but this year we had over forty. Well done! As I always say, the more the merrier. I’m really sorry I missed it.

We had our e board elections at the December meeting and I am happy to report that we have some new faces on the e board. Its good to see members willing to step forward and lend a hand in running the club and some new ideas will be welcome.

I am looking forward to the January meeting and our annual wacky gift exchange. Please bring a wrapped gift ( it should be funny or nice and not be junk ) and be prepared to have a lot of laughs.

We have a lot of fun activities on the calendar including a trip to Club Med San Sal ( Columbus Isle ) so check them out and consider  joining us. We always seem to have a lot of fun together. Keep in mind that you must be a member to take part in these activities so if you haven’t already paid your dues please do so.

Once again I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2019.

 Live long and lobster

Jeff Raffa